My top 3 “be careful” foods

There have been a couple of traps I have fallen into. Sadly every time I fell it was too late there was no way to take it back. Oh y'know, the type of trap where there happens to be some nuts at home and I start eating by the handful cos "nuts are healthy" right? Or the time where I thought I could eat as much avocado as I wanted cos it's a natural whole food.

That's right! It's still possible to gain weight off "healthy" food. "Healthy" doesn't automatically mean you can just stuff yourself silly. It doesn't mean you should avoid them, no no. It just means you should be mindful when eating them.

Foods like...:

1) Nuts. Every type of nuts. Generally 100g of any type of nuts is around 650 calories. Yep not a typo. 100g is basically 2 to 3 handfuls (my hands) and 650kcal is basically 3 bowls of rice. I remember my teenage years where we'd randomly have a huge bag of nuts at home, and I always loved it cos it meant "snacking on healthy food" which meant that huge bag never lasted more than 3-4 days.

I'm in awe right now math-ing out how many calories that was. And that wasn’t filling AT ALL.

2) Avocado. Oh avocados, how I treated you like any other fruit. I thought you were in the same family as melons because of your color. I thought we were friends cos I thought you were best friends with salad, and salad is so so low in calories (without sauce). But of course not right? And here at home you have to be extra large in size.

Half a normal avocado is about 160ish calories. Some days before I'd have 2 avocados for breakfast cos "why not?". And why not? Cos that's an instant 640kcal! that's like 9 slices of bread!

3) Eggs (with yolk). I was so thrilled to learn that the whole cholesterol issue was a myth, I still couldn't go all out with eggs cos the calorie sneaks up on you. An egg is about 75kcal each. Doesn't sound like much right? I can eat 3 eggs before I form a sentence in my brain and suddenly that's 225kcal. And if I do that again in the afternoon that's 550kcal.

550kcal is like, one hearty bowl of ramen!

What foods get out of control easily for you?