Free 30 Day Online Coaching

100% free.

This IS NOT some 30 day free trial. No payments. Nothing to buy. No program. No book. No need to follow me on social media. No gimmick. No strings attached. 30 days, finished, done.

Gonna be super honest with you too, chances of you hitting your goal after these 30 days will be super slim. It’s just not realistic to reach your goal sustainably within 30 days. It’s too little time.


In these 30 days I hope to give you all the tools you need to reach your goals. I’ll be here to guide you through building a diet & exercise plan specific to you & your goals. You’ll get a better understanding of:

  • your TDEE

  • your specific calorie needs based on your current or future goals

  • your specific macros for your current or future goals

  • the exercise programs that suit you based on your lifestyle & goals

  • food types & nutrition that suit your lifestyle

  • the mindset of weight management & health

  • weight management & health strategies based on current or future goals

  • supplements

  • accountability

You’ll have full access to me anytime you have questions or concerns.

Yes, all of this is FREE. No hidden costs. No gimmicks. I have nothing to sell or offer you at the end of the 30 days.

What do I get?


To be a better coach, I need more coaching experience. It’s one thing to study & read research papers all day, it’s another thing to have actual real coaching experience. I want to understand more about the details of the struggles of weight loss. Yes, I’ve been through it all and lost over 50kg(110lbs) myself, but that’s just one person. One man’s perspective. I figured if I truly wanted to make a difference and help, I absolutely need to level up my knowledge and experience. I can’t just sit here comfortably thinking I know everything I need to know about weight loss. I don’t. I’m still so far from it.

My plan is to coach hundreds for free in the next few months, or perhaps the few years. I want to upgrade and translate that knowledge into the articles that I write, the vlogs I make, or create a weight loss course in the future.

The articles, the vlogs, the course will be free and forever remain FREE.

If you’re interested…

Please click the link below and fill out the form as detailed as possible:


I will contact you via email if you’ve been chosen. I can’t promise that everyone gets in. There isn’t enough hours in day for that to be possible. If you’re not chosen initially, you might be chosen for the next following months. There’s a maximum number of people I can work with at the same time. As their 30 days come to an end I’ll be able to continuously choose new applicants to coach.

I hope you’ll sign up. Really super grateful to have you here.

Much much love.